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Contingent Fee Attorneys

As a Contingent Fee Attorney...

You are subject to certain risks that other attorneys might avoid, such as variable cashflow or complex taxation.

At Equi Financial Planning, we specialize in the web of intricate details that you are too busy to deal with.

Variable Cashflow

You're not guaranteed a win, which means you are not guaranteed a set income. Since your income may waiver, our plans focus on ways to keep more of what you make.

Investment strategies based on your unique needs, wants, and aversion to risk will ensure that your “variable cash flow” is backed by a protective and proactive plan.

Tax Efficiency

With a large case, comes a large tax burden. Working with your tax professional and utilizing a unique planning tool, you may be able to defer taxes and reduce the current tax liability.

Note that Equi does not provide tax advice or trust setup or administrating.

I am eager to assist.

Please feel free to get in touch with me whenever you have an inquiry.

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