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Established Professional Women

As the son of an established professional woman...

I have seen the incredible results of a woman who wants to change the world.

My holistic approach extends across every client. You can always expect that I will take the time to focus on you as an individual and incorporate strategies that are tailored to your needs.

Focused Philanthropy

It is not enough to focus on finances alone. Your finances should focus on you. They should reflect your passions, your activism, and the part you play in various social movements. I make it a point to give women the opportunity to choose a cause (or causes) that carry weight in their heart. 

Together, we will make sure your investments are aligned with your values.

Long-Term Legacy

We worry about what will happen to our children, what they will be left with, and how to leave them with as much as possible. A traditional legacy plan will focus entirely on your family's access to assets. I believe it is important that we go a step further. 

Legacy planning at Equi focuses on the well-being of close family members, and the well-being of the world they will live in. Our legacy plans dedicate at least a small portion to environmental initiatives (or other social movements)  – because the best way to protect our loved ones is to protect the planet they live on.

I am eager to assist.

Please feel free to get in touch with me whenever you have an inquiry.

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