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A Warm Welcome

Kyle Wilke

Hello, my name is

Kyle Wilke, CFP®

Financial Advisor

I know that choosing an advisor is not an easy task. It takes a lot of trust – trust that I do not take for granted. For that reason, I wanted to take a moment away from traditional website content, and speak directly to you.

Where I Started

When I was a child, I spent the majority of my time in South East Asia. My mother and father followed a shared passion for philanthropy to Thailand, where they worked in refugee camps as part of the fallout from the Vietnam war. Every day, I saw undeniable proof of the difference that compassion can make. This experience shaped my outlook on what I believe wealth to be. 

The only way to feel “rich” is by enriching the lives of others.  

My Values

By showing compassion, we can create a domino effect of goodwill. When you bring happiness to someone, that joy hops to the next person, and the next person, and the next person… Until eventually, the positivity of one small act of kindness is reaching people in every corner of the world.

Why I Do What I Do

As an advisor, I have the opportunity to help others create a financial plan that empowers them financially and philanthropically. The result? A trickle effect of positive change. When I couldn’t find a firm that shared my mission, I made my own. 

Equi Financial Planning is the embodiment of my ideal firm – a firm that focuses on personalizing your plans according to what you love. 

I am eager to assist. 

Please feel free to get in touch with me whenever you have an inquiry.

Get In Touch